With a passion for fashion and over 20 years of experience

Arcticgroup is a full-service fashion and distribution agency based in Düsseldorf with over two decades of expertise in introducing and establishing international brands across Europe.


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Retail Solutions

In the fast-moving world of fashion, our comprehensive knowledge of market requirements enables labels to achieve the best positioning in the retail sector. Through consessions, consignment or independent store concepts, we offer optimal support for market launches. Our top priority here is seamless and efficient space management. We have been able to place numerous brands with conviction.

Consulting & Management

With our exceptionally skilled team, we excel in crafting bespoke solutions and targeted market strategies for our diverse labels in the dynamic realm of multichannel business. Through fostering trusting partnerships and maintaining close ties with our esteemed brands, we position ourselves as catalysts for prosperous and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Wholesale & Distribution

We firmly believe in our comprehensive and carefully curated wholesale brand portfolio, which we continuously expand with great care. Each of our brands is unique, desirable, and fills niches. In close collaboration with the brand, we optimize our collections based on their expertise.


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About articgroup

Full-service fashion and distribution agency

Our approach is uniquely tailored to suit your specific needs.  We offer a variety of business models to ensure customized support and maximize your success in the European market. Our team has a keen sense of the market’s needs and can provide the necessary expertise to help you navigate the fashion industry.

Partnering with arcticgroup means gaining access to our extensive network of clients and retailers. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our partner brands and providing unparalleled support along the way.


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